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How to sell online at NepBay?


Selling your products and services online is very SIMPLE, NepBay has created a simple platform which is easy to use and manage. 

To start selling online at NepBay, please follow the guideline below, STEP by STEP.


STEP 1: Register a New Account at NepBay

It is free to create your account at NepBay and start selling online. If you already have registered an account at NepBay, you can just click here to login to your account and upload your product. Or if you are new to NepBay, Click Here to Register or visit here:


STEP 2: Upload a Product

Now after logging into NepBay, you can click "Sell a Product", and continue to sell. 


STEP 3: Provide Your Product Information

Here you need to provide your product information and click "Save and Continue" to provide product information. Upload product photo and further information. And just save it. 



Your product is now live for sale. That's it. 

How to buy online at NepBay?


It is really GREAT that you have decided to start shopping online at NepBay. Here, we would like to provide you step by step guide to shop any products from the sellers in NepBay. 


So, we said "IT IS EASY", shopping online at NepBay. Lets learn how it is done:


STEP 1: Register a new account at NepBay.

Before you actually shop at NepBay, you need an account, if you already have the registered account at NepBay, you can login here: or visit here: to Create a New Account


STEP 2: Browse the product you would like to buy.

Now, you can search for the products or visit the product link directly to see products details. Next to product photo, you will see "Add to Cart", button. Click it. A popup box will appear asking you "Continue Shopping" or "Checkout".

If you are looking to order only a single item, you can click "Checkout" or click "Continue Shopping", if you would like to buy more products. 


STEP 3: Checkout from the shop.

"Add to Cart", button helps you add the products you would like to order together from a seller into your own shopping cart and checkout. 

When you finished with adding products to cart, you can click "Checkout", to provide billing and delivery details and complete your order. 


STEP 4: Provide Delivery Information & Choose Payment Option. 

We have enabled a single page checkout option, where you can login, provide billing and delivery address and choose payment options available in that store. You can also choose between the delivery options available to your address. 


STEP 5: Finalize Your Order:

Now after filling all the information and choosing delivery options and your preffered payment option, either you will be redirected to payment gateway website to complete your order or confirm your order with "Cash On Delivery" or "Pick at Store" for offline payment options. 

Why do I see a delivery charge?

It usually costs sellers more to ship some items. So, sometimes they choose to add a delivery charge. The delivery charge is waived off by some sellers if you shop with them for a certain amount. For more information, check the individual seller's policy on the product page.

Can I club my orders from different sellers to be delivered together?

Currently, there is no option to club orders from different sellers to be delivered together as sellers could be located in different locations and the delivery timelines would vary based on their partnered courier service providers. To ensure your items reach you at the earliest, each seller ships their products as per their individual timelines.

Are there any hidden charges or sales tax when I shop on NepBay?

There are NO hidden charges when you shop on NepBay. The price you see on the product page is final and it's exactly what you pay.

Note: There can be additional delivery charges based on the seller's policy.

How are items packaged?

Products sold by Sellers with NepBay Assured badge are shipped in packages with waterproof plastic wrap.

Fragile items like electronics are safely secured with bubble wrap. Other Sellers also follow standard packing procedure. Sellers are rated on packaging quality and affects overall seller rating.

What are the benefits of buying an item with a NepBay Assurance badge?

Items with the NepBay Assured badge are extensively quality checked from storage to transit safe packaging and also comes along with fast & free delivery from our best sellers.

Free shipping for orders above Rs. 500

Is there a filter available through which I can only see items with a NepBay Assured badge?

Yes, there is a filter available through which you can shop only for items with the NepBay Assured badge.

How does "Instant Cashback" work?

'Instant Cashback' is applied directly to the product or order value in your cart and you do not have to wait for the cashback to be credited to your bank account/credit or debit card at a later date.

What is "Find Products"?

With "Find Products", tool you will be able to search products in NepBay. Find Products tool will help you find the right products based upon your search keywords & pharases. 

What is "Find Shops"?

Here at NepBay, "Find Shops" tool helps you find the shops near you for the products you are looking to buy. You can filter through different categories and shops by location. 

What is "ThuExpress"?

ThuExpress is the delivery and logistics wing of Thulo Group. ThuExpress helps small business to fulfill their online and offline orders. With ThuExpress you can get your orders delivered to your doorstep.

Delivery & Shipping Options Offered by ThuExpress:

Thulo.Com delivers goods to your home or office or the location of your choice all around Nepal. We provide following delivery options to our customers.

Free 3 Days Delivery

This is the most famous delivery option available for customers in Kathmandu Valley, including of all the cities within Kathmandu, Lalitpur & Bhaktapur districts.

Free 7 Days Delivery

This option is available for rest of Nepal, where we provide free home delivery to our customers all over Nepal.

Express - 2 Hours Rapid Delivery:

Currently this delivery option is availalbe within Kathmandu Ringroad, and is available in selected products including of grocery products. 

Express - Same Day Quick Delivery:

This delivery option is availabe inside Kathmandu Valley (5KM from Ringroad), where Thulo.Com logistics team will put their best effort to deliver the goods you have orderd from us within the same day of ordering. Same Day Delivery means, all orders placed before 10:AM everyday, excluding Saturdays are delivered within same before 6:00 PM in the evening. 

Express - One-Day Delivery:

This amazing delivery option allows you to get your ordered items delivered within 24hrs of your order. One Day Delivery represents the 24hrs time span after the order is placed. One-Day Delivery option is currently available within the range of 10 Kilo Meter of distance from Kathmandu Ringroad.

Express Air Delivery:

This delivery options are available within airport cities of Nepal, and which is subject to the flight condition in that area. Delivery are dispatched everyday at 10:00 AM and 2:00PM. 

International Regular Shipping:

This shipping is done through by land and through seas, This is the most affordable shipping option available. Global delivery depends upon your location and the time taken by the cargo ship to reach your destination. Generally this options allows you to receive your order within 90 days anywhere in the world. Prices are affordable and calculated at the time of checkout. 

International Express Shipping:

This shipping options is express shipping option where your orders are dispatched within 3 days and delivery time takes maximum of 15 days anywhere in the world and happens within 7 days in most part of the world. This is express delivery option where orders reaches you much faster and you pay very low prices. Our International Express Delivery is handled by Nepal Government Postal service through its global network of National Postal and Delivery agencies. 

International Express Premium Shipping:

This delivery option are handled through service provider like DHL, FedEx, Aramex etc, where your orders are dispatched within 2 days and reaches you within 10 days anywhere in the world and within 5 days in most of the parts of the world. 

What are payment options available at NepBay?

Here we will guide you about the payment options available at NepBay. Further, we will provide links to the individual payment methods for you to choose to pay online or receive payments while sell goods online at NepBay.